Thursday, 20 June 2013

This is why I love Libraries...!

I saw this video by BoredShortsTV the other day and it summed up so well why I love libraries (and why I want to be a librarian! :P) that I couldn't resist sharing it with you all. So enjoy, and don't be afraid to laugh! 

I'm afraid that I have been rather neglecting this blog of late - though I don't feel too guilty about it as it's a sign that I have been getting on with other things and there have been so many interesting posts by the other blog authors! However, now that my exams are safely out of the way, I have no more excuses and so I have some upcoming blog posts that I hope you will find interesting. Also, another reason why I have been neglecting this blog is that I have been busy posting on my other blog, Rejoice in the Lord always! so please feel free to check it out. I'm in the process of trying to fix up the design there, so any suggestions would be more than welcome. Also, I'm thinking of starting a blog series over there very soon (but more on that at a later date)!

For now, I hope you enjoyed the video and found it as funny as I did!

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Laura said...

That is so funny. It would of been outragously funny to see them filming it at a library.