Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Day with Hyacinth and a Nice New Outfit! :)

Hello all, 

I had a lovely day with Hyacinth earlier this week and we managed to take a few photos of that day and I thought I would share one with you! 

Thank you for being such an amazing friend and Godly sister in Christ, Hyacinth, and I'm sorry I don't spend more time in your company! We'll certianly have to catch up more often but thanks for spending the day with me - I really enjoyed it! :D God bless you my friend!

Also, I thought I would post this outfit which is a recent favourite of mine - especially now that I have a job and am earning and so have managed to purchase a few clothing items! :) I don't normally post items as examples of modesty simply because I am fully aware that I am not very fashionable (or at least not very often!) and so my battle over the years has been to find modest outfits that are still lovely and feminine. And I am far from perfect - there are still many items that I intially have thought were modest but over time saw that it wasn't and so I'm always a bit scared that I'll post a clothing item that I think is modest and change my mind later down the track! That said, I do love this outfit and I thought that it might inspire some of you out there that it is possible to purchase modest clothing even at mainstream stores (with a bit of searching)!

For my fellow Kiwis (this will probably mean nothing to any international readers!) I purchased the jean skirt second hand from Save Mart (but the label says that it was initally from Glassons). Obviously I cannot guarantee that any of these shops will sell this or similar items but they are certianly good starting points! I particualarly love Save Mart as I always manage to find modest items (particularly skirts!) there and they have a massive selection compared to most other NZ second hand clothing outlets.

There is an interesting story about the jumper. I purchased it from Farmers at a 50% off sale and due to some of the threads being a little bit loose but it being the last in stock in that shop at the time, I managed to get a further $10 off it. So it ended up being quite an inexpesive purchase. :D The belt came with it too. It's so good have a nice warm jumper to wear as here in NZ it is quite cold at the moment!

I have no idea where the tights I wore came from initally but tights can be found just about anywhere (though ensure you wear something over them for modesty!) It took me AGES to find a pair of boots that I actually liked (and could walk in) and so in the end I had to go for quite an expensive pair from Number One Shoes. But usually you can find quite inexpensive shoes there so it's worth any fellow Kiwi's checking out! It's a bit unclear in the photo but they have a lovely heel which is perfect - not too thin so that it's practical for walking in and everyday use but not too fat so that it doesn't look like a cowboy boot and which makes it suitable for more formal ocassions (and makes me feel more ladylike!)

Anyway, I'll leave it there - but it is rather unusal for me to ramble about clothes! However, in more recent years as I learn more and more about modesty, it really interests me to locate places where I can buy affordable but modest and fashionable clothes. If you have any suggestions of good shops in NZ, please do let me know! All of you who have posted modesty ideas on your blogs have been so ispiring to me and encouraged me to strive harder in this area. Thank you for that!

God bless and keep serving Him! 


Violet said...

Oh and sorry everyone for the numerous typos in this post - my habbit of writing a post but not proofreading is frustrating at times when I later re-read it and discover so many errors! Bear with me there though!


Daisy said...

Woo, I sure have gorgeous friends <3 You girls are so beautiful both inside and out! :)
Lovely outfit too, Violet <3
God bless you girls so much!