Monday, 15 July 2013

Another Show Done and Dusted

Well, it's finally over! After all the long weeks of working hard at rehearsals, and preparing sets, costumes and the theatre, we have completed our journey with the third show I've had the pleasure of directing. Grandma's Folk Tales is finished!!
One of my favourite pictures of Grandma and her granddaughter!
Our lovely Snow White! Doesn't she look sweet?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!
"She is dead!"
But then came the Prince!
The Pied Piper and the rats! 
"Hooray for the Pied Piper!"
This is one of my all-time favourite photos of me directing!
The Stone Soup
I was really rather freaking out the night before we opened, but the show actually went wonderfully well! I was also extremely surprised by the turn out we got - we had to put up nearly 30 extra seats! It was lovely to have Violet and Lily, along with lots of other friends in the audience watching!! Hyacinth, Sakura the rest of the crew and I had a pretty stressful time, but all in all, everything went really well, the audience loved it, and better yet, the kids did. It was a truly wonderful experience all around. 

I've given you the first sample of the raw photo shoot - I haven't prepared them to go on the website or anything yet, but I thought you might like a look at them anyway (thanks to Sakura's mum to taking them). I'll hopefully put some of the footage up on youtube sometime soon too!

God bless you all, 


Anonymous said...

Who was the prince?

Daisy said...

Sorry, we don't disclose the names of other people on our blog without their permission! :)

Violet said...

Great work Daisy and everyone else involved! I really enjoyed watching it! :D