Monday, 1 July 2013

Grandma's Folk Tales

Don't worry, I'll post the second part of my Tahiti post soon, promise, but for now, I really wanted to share an update on the homeschool play! We have 12 days left till we perform it now - wow, can't believe how fast time has flown! 
*cough* casual free advertising ;)
The children have all been working so hard, and whilst it certainly won't be a perfect play haha, they've all done me proud and I can't wait for them to perform it! It's been really exciting putting everything together - costumes, props, etc - and they are all so excited. For all but two of them, this is their all time first performance! The seven dwarves were even excited about their beards, which really amazed me, I'll admit xD

Anyway, I have to disappear again, to try and figure out how to make rat tales, and a Pied Piper costume! :) Can't wait to share some more photos with you all soon - everything is looking great!

See ya later, 
God bless!


Laura said...

That looks so cool, Daisy! I'm sad at missing it. Hope every thing goes well with showing it.
In Christ,

Violet said...

Looks great Daisy!!! :D Love the "casual free advertising" (the poster) too! Just shout out if you need a hand with anything!

God bless & I'm looking forward to seeing the production!!!

From your friend,

Anonymous said...

We are missing having you involved Laura! Maybe next time, huh? Thanks! :D

I will do, Violet, thank you so much!!
God bless you both <3