Tuesday, 16 July 2013

He Steadies My Heart (Daisy's Tahiti Adventure Part 2)

Outside the turtle sanctuary!
Alright, well I finally found enough time to post the second part of my Tahiti adventure! You can see part one here: Sorry (once again) for the overload of pictures!! The first few pictures are a continuation from the 5th day we were there (the day we did the dolphin encounter).

This actually isn't a selfie - my Mum took it haha :P 
Such gorgeous sunsets!!
We went to a beach banquet that night!
 The next day, we hired a car, and went for a drive around the beautiful island of Moorea! It was very strange for us, because the car was a left-hand drive, and you drive of the right side of the road there - it is the opposite here in New Zealand! :) But it was very exciting too.
There sure were some beautiful landscapes - it almost looked like the heights of Machu Picchu sometimes.
The highest point you can drive to on the island!
Then we went and visited some ruins of an ancient island temple - or marae. It was very interesting! It is one of the few remaining temples throughout French Polynesia, as most of them were destroyed by the early European settlers. It is a very strange feeling being somewhere where human sacrifices were once made... 
 But it sure is fascinating too!
Then we went to visit some local shops. This particular shop (below), the shop keeper only spoke French, so my Mum and I had to struggle through a conversation with her haha. But she was very kind!
Our purchase from the French speaking lady's shop!
Sunset again <3
The next day, there was a wedding on the beach a few doors down from our little house! I won't post any of the closer up photos (that'd be a bit stalker-y!) but it sure was exciting to witness a  traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony in such a beautiful place!

I did a second dolphin encounter that afternoon. This one was a proper swim with the dolphins - I even got an underwater ride :D Definitely one of my best ever memories <3
My new friend, Lokahi
Our last morning on Moorea Island 
My lovely mother in the breakfast room!
And me in the breakfast room :)
After breakfast, we went and made traditional Tahitian sarongs!! That was very cool :)

And then we caught the ferry back to Tahiti!
The one semi-good photo we managed to get of me and my
brother haha - it took ages to get one :P
And at that point, my camera ran out of battery! And it didn't really matter, because the next morning, we flew out of Tahiti early, and arrived back at our home before it was even dark! :D

It was a truly incredible holiday, and I know those memories will last a life-time. But aside from it being such a wonderful destination, and everything, our time away was such a blessing!! Early 2013 was a pretty stressful half-year for my family, with my brother being really sick, and just with lots of commitments. I had also been struggling with stress about my future, and where God was wanting me to go with my life. But those ten days were a complete respite from any worries or concerns, a time just to pray, and meditate on God's words and to praise His incredible name. And when I stopped worrying, things became much clearer. In Tahiti, I re-learnt an important lesson - we need to take time away from everything sometimes, to just spend time with God, and to focus on Him instead of our concerns. And often, our concerns will melt away entirely. Sometimes, like with our amazing Tahiti holiday, God will provide that time in an obvious way, other times, we have to make time for it.

Whilst we were in Tahiti, I was reading an amazing book called "In the Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer - I'll review it for you all at some point - which was a really good reminder of how we actually have to work on our relationships with the Lord, and seek Him. And if we seek Him, He will watch over us and guide us. When you turn to God for help and guidance, He will give you rest, He will steady your heart.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like you had a ball!

Anonymous said...

We sure did!! :D

Violet said...

Neat Daisy, the pictures are lovely! :) It looks like you had a lot of fun, and I'm so glad you were able to get some rest and relaxation and spend some time with the Lord - it was well deserved!

Laura said...

Gracie said "Daisy looks Beautiful! I agree!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thank you girls <3