Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Musical Weekend In The Life of Daisy

This last weekend was an incredibly musical weekend for me! Just the way I like it :D I spent the majority of Saturday down in Wellington at a vocal coaching session, which was really amazing!
Then in the evening, when we got back to our home town, we had one of my Mum's friends, who is the first violinist from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, staying with us! She's absolutely lovely, so it was really a treat to have her with us! Plus we got to go to a concert she was giving with an organist on Saturday evening!
My Mama (right) and her friend :D 
Just had to share this - rather proud of my
sunset photography from the night of the
And that was such a treat! So much amazing music!! My favourite piece of the evening was definitely Kreisler's "Praeludium and Allegro". It is an incredible piece, and they performed it exquisitely. This video is also a beautiful version. I love the passion the performer puts in it.

The other piece I really liked from that evening was called "Ferdinand The Bull". It was performed with solo violin, and narrator, but this gives you a good idea what the piece is like! :)

Well, I have a whole lot more pieces from that concert that I could share with you, but I'll leave you with this quote. It is so, so true!
Ooh, one other really exciting thing to do with music that happened - the composer of the piece commented on the youtube video of my chamber music group's performance of "Aria Del Lottatore" - so cool!! One of the more exciting things about performing a modern work - you can actually converse with the composer haha :D
Well, that's more than enough music-y stuff from me for now! I do hope I haven't bored you all :) 
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Megan and Abby said...

Oooh, I am never bored by music! Unfortunately, I am not able to listen to your music videos right now, because I might disturb other people in the computer lab; but I'm sure they're lovely!