Thursday, 3 October 2013

Homeschool Ball '13

I had the wonderful privilege of helping some of the younger (13-15 year old) homeschoolers in our local homeschooling network to organise a "family ball", which, after months of hard work, finally occurred last Saturday evening!

It was an absolutely wonderful event, with over 200 people present! It was such a lovely atmosphere, having so many families together for a night of good, clean fun - thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Plus it is always fun to get dressed up :D 
Some of the beautiful young ladies! You may recognise some
of them from the play I directed earlier this year, "Grandma's
Folk Tales"
Silly photo!

I also had the privilege of calling some English Country Dancing (thanks for your advice on that Lily!) and also some ballroom dancing for all the ball guests. We didn't have much time, so we only got to do two country dances (Sellenger's Round and the Virginia Reel) , and two ballroom dances (rhythm foxtrot and some good old rock 'n' roll), but everyone really enjoyed it! Here are some of the dancing photos (aren't they great photos?!).
Teaching the steps to the Foxtrot - I love this photo!
The "bridge" in the Virginia Reel"
I love this picture of a Dad dancing with his daughter! So
Consolidating the steps
More foxtrot
"And two hand turn..."
My wonderful dance partner teaching rock 'n' roll with me
- thanks heaps for your help :)

A little 6 year old dancing with her
This is just too cute!

One of my favourite things of the evening was seeing everyone join in and have fun, with no bad attitudes or silly awkwardness - somewhat rare these days. As well as a "Mums and Dads dance", we also had a Fathers and Daughters dance, and a Mothers and Sons dance, which was very sweet. I was very pleased to see my younger brother ask our mum to dance :') In between the dance sets, there were games for the younger children, fun dances like the Chicken Dance, supper and spot prizes. I ended the night rather exhausted, but very happy! All in all, it was a great evening, and a very edifying event - I look forward very much to the next one!

God bless,

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