Friday, 18 October 2013

Jesus At The Centre of It All

Life gets busy. So busy.
We fill it with drama. So much drama.
We start to focus on those things. Those things which, without God, are nothing.

Our lives are so short.
We only have a few short years here on this earth to serve and worship our God.
And so we cannot lose focus on what matters most. 
On Jesus. 

Your friends do matter. Your job does matter. Your extra-curricular activities do matter.
That's not what I'm saying.
What I'm saying is, unless God is your focus, then it is all just a jumble of nothingness.
Without Jesus at the centre, our lives become void of true meaning, true purpose. 

Life gets busy. So busy. 
But we don't have to fill it with drama. 
In all the business, keep you heart centred.
Centred on what truly matters.
On what matters most.

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted much recently, dear readers :( I thought I'd be less busy now that I've finished school, but I've been crazy busy preparing for my singing diploma, writing some nativity plays for a few local churches and Bible In Schools, and doing filming for a Christian organisation called New Wine (you can read about my time at their summer festival here:). But I'll try and make more time to blog!!



Wild Horse said...

Awesome post! It was very direct and didn't beat the bush, so to speak ;)

I have nominated your blog for an award! :D

Violet said...

Yes, Daisy, I agree with Wild Horse! A really good post, short and to the point - really convicting! It's so easy to have our own random, selfish things prioritised over our saviour and serving Him ~ I know I am exceedingly guilty of this! God bless you my friend! Can't wait to catch up once we have more time to!

And thanks Wild Horse for the tag! :D