Thursday, 24 October 2013

Liebster Award (again!) ~ Violet

Hi all, 

Yes, I am still around, despite a fairly long period of time not blogging! Though, to be fair, I have still been blogging pretty regularly over at my other blog, Rejoice in the Lord always! so feel free to check out those posts if you've been feeling deprived of things to read (though I'm sure you havn't missed my absence from the blogging sphere that much!).

I know other bloggers have said it on their own blogs but I think I'll emphasise it anyway: sometimes it's good to take time away from something you enjoy so much and evaluate why you do it. Lately, I had become concerned at my tendency to write about anything and everything - spilling my heart out and also my opinions, not always a good thing! For which I humbly beg your pardon, dear readers. However, the Lord can use even our stumbling, sinful ways for His glory and so I trust that He'll be at work despite me! I'm hoping that from now on, my approach to blogging will be more purposeful, and more Christ-centred rather than Violet-centred. So please pray for me and that I would be doing that!

All that said, I am looking forward to the prospect of soon having more time avalible to blog as exams finish and the end of the year approaches! In fact, I really needed an excuse (or motivation!) to come on here again, and so being awarded gave me a reason to come on here again! So thank you to Wild Horse at Opal Swirls (nice blog name, isn't it? :D) for awarding us here at Violets and Daisies! Even though we've done this award before, it's quite fun, and so I thought I'd do it again. :)

Rules of the Liebster award: 

-Link back to the blogger who tagged you 

-Answer the 10 questions (s)he asks me

-Nominate 10 other bloggers at the maximum

-Let those Nominees know they were tagged

 Wild Horse's questions and my answers:

1) Green or Grey?
Hmm... don't much fancy either colour but if I had to choose it certianly would be green!

2) How many siblings do you have?
Three, all younger than me.
3) What color is your Bible? 
I actually have 3: one is blue, one is black and one is pink!

4) Why do you blog?
A good question, and one I've been asking myself lately! I would have to say that it's probably because I've always loved to write, despite how bad my grammar and so on can be at times, and so blogging provides an outlet for that. I would also hope that it's because it's one way the Lord can use me to bless and minister to others albiet from a distance! My prayer as I blog is that the Lord would be using it to draw both me and any readers closer to Himself.  :)

5) Do you have any pets?
Yes, a cat. Though he's not mine specifically - he's my really sister's cat so I guess I don't have a pet of my own.

6) Do you drink coffee?
YES! I LOVE coffee! :D

7) Bushes or trees?
That's a tricky question! I would have to say bushes as while trees may be fun to climb, I have a fear of falling out of them, or rather, being there and in charge as a babysitter or something when someone else falls out of it! Bushes are neat for hiding in when playing games like hide and seek, and generally a bit safer (though I guess it depends what type of bush it is...) :)
8) Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?
No...the last birthday in our family is in November, so we usually don't get around to thinking about Christmas shopping till after that. In fact, I'm terrible when it comes to Christmas shopping so it's usually quite a last-minute affair!

9) Do you wear glasses?

No. Despite constantly straining my eyes with late-night reading, I still can see fine! :D

10) Whatcha think of my blog? ;) 

Very nice - love the blog name, very original!!! :D I do think the design is an improvement on the other one! :) 

Okay, so here are my questions for those I tag to answer:

1) If you could choose any random, crazy job for a day other than what you already do, what would you choose?
2) Do you consider yourself a tomboy or girly girl? (yes, I can ask that as all those I'm tagging are female!) :P
3) What would be your favourite season (winter, summer, autumn, spring) and why?
4) Pink or blue?
5) Do you prefer sunsets or sunrises?
6) Assuming you've read or watched them, do you prefer the novel/movie Pride and Prejudice or Emma?
7) What is one book relating to Christian living that you would recomend to people?
8) Music with vocals or only an instrumental?
9) At school, homeschooled or graduated?
10) A verse or quote that has inspired you lately?

Here are the bloggers I'm awarding (I confess, I might break the rules here a little....):

Lily (now I know you three have already been tagged by Wild Horse, so you can pick which questions to answer out of mine or hers). 

And I know it's lazy of me, but I'm really out of time and there are so many amazing bloggers out there so anyone else who likes doing this kind of thing and likes the look of these questions is welcome to give it a go!

You'll have to bear with me for the time being as the next few weeks are set to be extremely busy (and not only for me, but for Daisy too!) but, we should both have more time for blogging after that, Lord willing, so watch this space!

Anyway, I should be getting back to my assignment, so that's me for now! God bless!

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Wild Horse said...

thanks! I really like my new design as well ;)

I didn't realise you guys had already done it! xD