Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Friends Award ~ Violet

I have been awarded by Emily of Notebook for her Friends Award! I must say, this was the most straightforward award I've ever done as I'm on a blog with my friends! :D So it made it really easy to work out who to tag!

1. Let your tagger know that you received notification.
2. Post the award picture and rules to your blog,
and answer your tagger's five questions.
3. Tag five blogger-friends, but at least ONE OF THEM
4. Give them five questions and notify them that you have tagged them.
5. (Optional Rule: Give your readers a freindship quote at the
end of your tag post : )
[P.S. You may tag group-bloggers]

 My Answers:
1. What is your favourite colour?

2. What food would you never eat and why?
 Anything that just sounds different and gross like possum or snails. I'm sure they're really not that bad but I'd rather not risk it!!!

3. Do you have a favourite place to meet with your friends?
Hmm...probably my best friend Daisy's house. We, and sometimes Hyacinth and Lily, seem to go there quite often to make little movies and do fun things together.

4. What do you and your friends like doing together?
Writing stories, making movies, running productions, doing photoshoots, blogging and just talking!

5. How do you greet your friends every time you meet them? What about on Blogger?
Probably just an excited "hello"! I'm not too sure about friends on Blogger, probably a bit more formally as it's not in person, so just "hi suchandsuch" at the beginning of the comment.

Friendship Quote: 
"The friend does us a true kindness who tells us of the things in our character, habits, manners, which appear as blemishes, although many people have too much vanity to be told of their faults. They resent it as a personal insult when one points out any blemish in them. But this is most foolish short-sightedness. To learn of a fault is an opportunity to add a new line of beauty to the life. Our prayer each day should be that God would show us our secret faults, whatever messenger he may send to point them out, and then give us grace to correct them." ~J.R. Miller

Those I'm tagging:

My Questions:
(Just do the same ones that I answered, except instead of number 5, what are some qualities you admire in your friends?)

God bless!

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