Friday, 28 March 2014

What To Do With Facebook...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.... what should we do with Facebook? Of course, it's a great way to keep up to date with our friends' lives - see their photos, hear their news, laugh with their stories and cry with their bad times. But it's so easy just to use Facebook as an observational tool - keeping us on the outside, on the fringes of the lives of our friends and acquaintances. We can be reminded automatically of their birthdays in case we forget, which, you have to admit, is more and more the case. I used to be great at remembering friends' birthdays, and now it's so much harder to than it was before!

Also, it's easy to have a lot of 'friends' on Facebook - generally they're just people you know or have met once or twice. "Ooh, I know that name. Let's add them!" or "I grew up with them...wonder what they're doing now?", and so we keep tabs, see their photos but never really have anything to do with them. How many of your 'Facebook friends' do you actually know/have conversations with regularly?

Anyway, I have a challenge for you - something that I am going to do and hope to continue to do - something productive, a way to use Facebook as a tool, rather than just a toy. So here's my plan....

Message (or write on the wall of) one of your Facebook friends' every day (or once a week - be creative, do what you can handle). You can say "Hi, how's it going?" or "what have you been up to?" - see what they respond with. My challenge is for you to get to know your friends better, or even to maintain the real true friendships you already have but maybe are letting slide a little. Messaging a person a day (or even one a week) will challenge you to make an effort in their lives, and could potentially create great, strong friendships that may last for the rest of your lives! This isn't a difficult challenge. Your 'Facebook friends' who actually care to associate with you will reply to your post, and you may even get a great conversation going. Those who aren't really your true friends but more just acquaintances won't necessarily reply, but hey, you did your best. Just a little effort from you could change their lives, and yours! Think about it - what if that particular friend was a bit down, and just needed someone to say hi, or cheer them up, or share a Bible verse, or poem or song. What if they just need someone to talk to, or wanted to chat to you but didn't feel like they know you well enough, or that you'd even care. See, these are things that even Facebook can't tell you; you have to make that effort yourself.

So, now that you've heard my crazy idea, what do you think? Are you game? Ready to step outside your comfort zone? I am! :) Like I said, I'm going to do this too. I have a lot of friends on there that I don't really know, but would love to get to know better. I wouldn't necessarily normally do something like this, but I'm really keen to, and I think that the Lord is leading me to use Facebook as a tool, not just a time-waster (as it can easily be), or a gossip machine. So I'm going to start today.... will you?

P.S. Let me know how you go, and I'll do the same :)

Love in Christ,

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