Friday, 25 April 2014

Cantabile Trio

I'm sorry Violets and Daisies - its been a while...again :P Partly because I've been off the Internet the last 40 days (during Lent, but not really for it), as I needed a break, and partly because I haven't really had anything I have felt like posting. Which is sad! 

But anyway, I thought I might tell you what I had been up to with my vocal trio, Cantabile. I don't know if I have mentioned the girls or my singing with them before, but if not, allow me to introduce you to Cantabile Trio. We are a vocal trio who perform all sorts of music, from Andrews' Sisters style to classical and jazz. I sing soprano, my friend Kirstin sings mezzo-soprano and Darryl sings alto.
We first started singing together for a competition, and it went so well we decided to continue to sing together. We love it! 
We've worked up a full hour's worth of repertoire, and we're working on more, but now we're just starting to do some proper performing, which is keeping us all very busy!
Singing at St Andrews Church earlier this year
But anyway, that's enough about Cantabile for now, I just thought I'd give you a little peak into what I've been busy with :) I'm working on writing some proper posts, so hopefully I'll share some of them soon.

Feel free to like Cantabile Trio on Facebook too, for updates and some of our other music :)

God bless, 

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Kaity King said...

Happy Birthday, Daisy!!!!!!
I hope you had a great day!