Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy Birthday Daisy!

~ Dear Daisy ~

It's crazy but another year has whizzed by and now I am saying happy birthday to you again! :D That seems bizzare when I consider that I can hardly remember what it was like before I had you as a friend and how it feels like I've known you forever!

I love the way that you have a personality that radiates the Lord without sliding into a legalistic or judgemental attitude that many like me do. You take the Lord and His word seriously and yet aren't afraid to laugh, have fun and use your gifts to their full potential along the way! It amazes me how much you have grown from a child into a young woman and yet your faith has never wavered, only deepened and grown. You are a friend who constantly challenges me by your own walk with the Lord to take my walk with Him to a whole new level and for this I can't thank the Lord enough for you! :) Seriously, the world needs more daisies! :)

When I look back on my life, I can see the Lord's fingerprints all over our friendship! :) He took two girls who were opposite in so many ways, with such different struggles with sin, and yet with the same love of Him and His word, and made them friends at just the right time. :) You have been such a fundamental person the Lord has used to mould me into someone who is more like Him, and this is why I treasure our friendship so much. <3

I am so, so blessed to be able to call you my friend!<3

Now we are both growing up and our paths are slowly diverging as we both try to navigate the slippery road of adulthood, but I know that no matter where the Lord takes us or what road He places us on, we will never stop being friends! :)

And ... just because I could, I thought I'd attach a short video I stumbled across that I know you will love! :) Of course, we both wouldn't agree with the theology of "destiny", "fate" etc. in it (haha, I can imagine that this is one of those videos that would provoke us into having a long, drawn out theological discussion!) but still I know it's one of those videos that would make you go "Awww, cute!" :) And I do like how it shows how much random acts of kindness can mean for someone. So I hope you enjoy it! :)

With much love and prayers from your friend,

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Elizabethany said...

Happy Birthday Daisy! God bless:-)