Friday, 20 June 2014

The World ~ Beautiful!

Hi all!

I feel that this blog has been rather neglected of late. I never know whether or not to apologise for that as it does mean that I am more busy actually living life, rather than just sitting in front of a computer screen. Still it does let down all of you, and my commitment to blogging, and when I get lazy with blogging ironically I can get lazy in other areas of life too (blogging is really helpful when it comes to self-discipline)!

I came across this lovely song the other day by one of my favourite classical crossover singers, Sisca. Some of you may remember that I posted some of my favourite songs by her a while back, which you can find here. Well, I loved those, but I must say this is now my absolute favourite one, and I've listened to it so many times that I thought I should share it with you all! I think this is an example of a song that can inspire us to worship God. It is interesting how a song doesn't  necessiarily have to be "Christian" or even mention God in order to be upbuilding and remind us of Him! This song inspired me to take the time to look around and appreciate the beauty of the earth God has created for us. I hope it touches you the same way! 

"The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims His handiwork." ~ Psalm 19:1

Beautiful ~ by Sisca

See the blue up in the open sky
Feel the wind carry the birds in flight
It is beautiful

See the leaves fall as the seasons change
Fields of gold move like the ocean waves
It is beautiful...

All because of the rain fall
The days and the nights
Whenever the wind blows
All…the flower face the sun…
It’s beautiful 

See the stars brightly shine in the dark
Rivers flow into the seas below
It is beautiful

Little drops color the rainbow
Trees they grow to cover the animals
It is beautiful...




God bless!

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