Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Magical Music Moment

Today a friend shared with me a short story she'd written about playing music and the wonder and joy it brings, and it reminded me of this story I wrote for a uni writing excercise (which wasn't graded) so I thought I'd share it with you all! Take the time today, perhaps, to thank the Lord for the wonderful gift of music He has given us and to encourage those you know who share their abilities in this area with us (thanks so much Daisy!) I'm so thankful to the Lord for music and friends! :D


I gently closed my eyes, a sense of utter peace and tranquillity filling me. I, the lone audience member sat in awed silence as if in a trance, spellbound by the magic the music seemed to cast. The music began to fill the old church building, reverberating off its curved ceiling and red brick walls. Over a century in age, it must have had music played inside it countless times before, but surely never as beautiful as this! My best friend's voice reached a crescendo, a violin passionately weaving its away around her melody and a piano lilting soothingly in the background. As Saint-SaĆ«ns “Violons dans le soir” slowly drew to a close, I felt tears forming in my eyes – a rare occurrence. Now I finally understood what it meant to be truly moved by music, and if I could have held onto that moment forever than I would have.

Just moments before, we had been laughing, distracting each other, already having faced hours of practice required to perfect the piece. Somewhat mortified by a cold invoked by the incoming winter chills and the fact that I'd already had to borrow my best friend's jacket for the evening, I'd opted for a pew and played a mock “annoying audience member” in order to pass the time. Mischievously dropping a hymnal every few minutes, I managed to coax smiles from my friends. Friends I'd had for years alongside a friend I'd formed that evening and yet it felt like we could have all been a group together for a lifetime. As we prayed together, I was awed at how the Lord had brought me alongside a group of such gifted and yet like-minded people. After a brief break, and with our eyes starting to droop from tiredness, we decided to play it through just one more time...

The silence at the end of the tune only heightened the beauty of what we had just heard. All the frivolity of earlier in the evening seemed to have vanished as we looked at each other, speechless. Every other time we had played now paled in comparison. I exhaled and realised I must have been holding my breath.
“That was so beautiful, the best music I've ever heard, if you do that tomorrow you'll be bound to win!” Even as I said them, the words sounded so shallow compared to what I'd just heard. Moments later, we were chatting happily again, but something had changed. Deep in our souls was delight at the wonder of music the Lord had created.

Now whenever I hear that tune I feel a tinge of sadness, for the magic of that moment will never be repeated, and yet joy that the Lord gave me a chance to experience it. 

God bless!


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