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This is a blog set up by two friends who would like to share their thoughts with other likeminded people, and who strive to live in the world, yet not be of it. When we first became friends, our first of many projects was to write a story based on the immigration of two girls to New Zealand. The two characters were sisters, the elder called Violet and the younger, Daisy. As this story remains a memento of our friendship, we wanted our blog to share the name.

The two main administrators of this blog are Violet and Daisy. They, along with their friends and fellow blog-authors, Hyacinth and Lily, have a deep desire to see Christ glorified in the world and want this blog to be a part of that. From time to time, our postings will not reflect what all of us think or all our tastes: but that's what makes this blog so special! It is a group of close friends, from different church denominations, each of whom God has made unique. At the end of the day, it is not the "grey" areas where we differ that we want to focus on in this blog, rather  it is the ultimate goal that we all share that we hope you get out of this blog: the glory of God!

sola Scriptura ~ Scripture alone
sola fide ~ Through faith alone
sola gratia ~ By grace alone
solus Christus ~ In Christ alone
soli Deo gloria ~ To the glory of God alone

    Hi, I'm Daisy - well, at least on our blog! The name comes from the story Violet and I began writing years ago, about two sisters. Our characters were very much based on ourselves, and, like me, the Daisy character is very adventureous, and full of life, as well as a deep thinker! I have a deep love for the performing arts, (you can check out my website at the link - http://familyfriendlyproductions.weebly.com!) and for spending time with my amazing family and friends! I hope you enjoy reading our posts, and that you get something useful out of it! :) P.S. You can also find me on Pinterest here: and on Instagram under @ninajessica316 :D


 Hello, my blogging pen name is Violet. I simply LOVE all things historical (as Daisy, Lily and Hyacinth would be quick to tell you!) as well as reading and writing - especialy blogging!!! :P I also enjoy playing my flute as well as drinking hot drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, tea - I love them all!) But perhaps more than anything, I desire to serve the Lord with my life and I feel that He has blessed me so richly with friends like Daisy, Lily and Hyacinth who help me to keep in step with Him. You can also find me at my other blog, Rejoice in the Lord always! as well as at Pinterest, YouTube, and Polyvore.

  Hi!! :) My blogging pen-name is Hyacinth. I'm a Christian girl who is striving to live my life to glorify God in all that I do. I love to make new friends, so feel free to visit the blog that I share with my 3 dear friends, Lily, Daisy, and Violet. :)

 Hi, I'm Lily! I am based at home, learning how to run a household and teaching Spanish and English on the side... :) I love being able to be a blessing to my parents, and also spending time with my siblings and nieces. I also love reading books, writing stories, and playing all sorts of sports! :) I hope that this blog will be a huge blessing to everyone who reads it! :)

Our prayer is that the Lord would bless you as you read this blog. Feel free to contact us by posting a comment below, or by using the comment option through the left-hand column. Also feel free to link our button to your own blog.

Violets and Daisies

God bless you all!


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