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Hello to all our wonderful readers!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this blog! We (the blog authors) truly pray that the Lord would bless you through this blog. We welcome your thoughts on anything we've written: please feel free to disagree with us as we really want this blog to be a place where likeminded people can be challenged in their faith and enter into lively discussions!

 As we struggle at times with topics to write on, we thought we'd introduce to you, our readers, a "reader questions" section where you can ask a question which we would attempt to answer (given, of course, that we find it appropriate)! This could be on anything - be it a book you want us to read and review, a question about some aspect of the Christian walk and so on! Simply write a comment below with your question, and we'll attempt to answer it!

This is also the section where you can contact us directly by leaving a comment below. If it is something that you don't want published on the blog, you can request that in your comment and feel free to leave contact details (preferably email) so that we can get back to your querry. You can read the message that comes up before commenting for more information. :) Alternatively, you can contact us via our Facebook page (go here), or by emailing us via Violet's other blog's email address:

Thank you for your consideration! Ask away and we look forward to hearing from you! :)

God bless!


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